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Faced with a globalized and increasingly competitive market, Construções Corte Recto, Lda. seeks to develop and maintain a quality management system, establishing improvement objectives and marketing goals, always having in mind the principle of continuous improvement.


By working sustained on a quality policy, we are equipped with a set of tools and methodologies that will enable us to respond adequately to more and increasingly competitive challenges


Given the imperative need to consolidate the strength and experience we have achieved, we aim to ensure a lasting relationship with all stakeholders, meeting their expectations, meeting the deadlines and maintaining high levels of motivation, quality, and innovation required by the current competitive market.


This way, based on the principle of continuous improvement, our basic principles are the following:


  • Ensure the satisfaction of stakeholders by meeting their requirements and by exceeding their expectations whenever possible;
  • Make good management of means in order to optimize resources and increase efficiency;
  • Comply with legal requirements;
  • Promote the valorization of human resources in order to guarantee the differentiation, innovation, and efficiency of civil construction services;
  • Bet on qualified partners/suppliers that contribute to the safety of the various types of construction contracts;
  • Bet on the scrupulous fulfillment of agreed deadlines.


Compliance with these principles, as well as that defined in the Methodologies of the Quality Management System, is the responsibility of all employees of the company, including partners.


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