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A more sustainable world requires only common sense

The sustainability commitment of CCR Engineering & Construction relies on the integration of social, economic and environmental indicators that contribute to sustained growth in the market with strength, accuracy and integrity.


CCR Engineering & Construction meets the following values: ethics and professionalism; customer satisfaction; quality, environment and safety; determination and efficiency; innovation; human enhancement; training; continuous improvement.


We believe that this policy reflects the importance of sustainability to us and shows our effort in these areas, being an instrument of motivation and commitment for all stakeholders, in particular our employees, our customers and suppliers and the community we serve.


It is based on this philosophy we daily strive to improve our working methods and management strategies, to ensure the company's economic and financial sustainability and a constant agility, evolution and improvement of our ability to respond to needs presented by customers, with the constant concern to safeguard the rights of future generations and the environmental and social interests.


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