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Requalification, Modernization and Expansion of the Facilities of the Basic School Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires - 2nd Phase

Refurbishment and Restoration

The purpose of the contract was the requalification, modernization and expansion of the facilities and surrounding public outdoor areas of the Frei Bartolomeu dos Mártires Basic School in Viana do Castelo.

Inside the fenced enclosure, a new building called the Main Building was built, which became the “new image” of the school, and replaced two previous buildings (multipurpose and a block of classrooms) that were completely demolished. Other remodeling and expansion were also carried out: Block A, Block B and Sports Pavilion. Also all the remaining interior space was changed, namely the outdoor playground, playgrounds, traffic paths and green spaces.

Outside the fenced-in area, the car park was completely redesigned and a new access road was created for exclusive access to the school, to ensure greater security for its students.

The contract was carried out in accordance with a previously defined phase, although properly and constantly adapted to the needs of the school community and the population of Viana do Castelo, forcing a continuous effort always ensuring the best possible conditions for all.


Client: Municipality of Viana do Castelo


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