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Municipal Archive of Torres do Alto da Eira

Refurbishment and Restoration

Returned since 1997, the former facilities of the Lisbon Municipal Archive are located in Penha de França, more concretely, on the buried floors of the Torres do Alto da Eira.


Due to hygiene and health problems on that date, it was necessary to evacuate the building until it was ready to be used in its entirety.

20 years later, CCR was entrusted with the task of restructuring this space to enable not only the repository of documents of the municipality but also to readapt the old facilities of the Penha de França Library and the Nursery in offices and public services.

The work contemplated the deep intervention in 3 buried floors and 2 upper floors of the two housing towers, in addition, the whole surrounding was adapted to the population so that it could enjoy the privileged exposure, with exceptional views of river and valley, valued with equipment and urban furniture, accessible to the public.


Client: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa


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