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Falcão neighborhood

Refurbishment and Restoration

Rehabilitation of the "Building Envelope" and Installation of Energy System (Solar) in Blocks 3, 4, 6 and 8 and the Requalification of the Cultural and Sports Association of the Public Housing Municipal Falcão.

The intervention was based on the rehabilitation of the external environment, namely coverings and facades, the treatment of exposed concrete surfaces and the replacement of glazed spans.

In the common areas of communication, the improvement of staircases, remodeling, and creation of collective infrastructures for water supply, electricity, telecommunications, gas, and solar thermal system were carried out.


In private spaces, ventilation systems were installed in sanitary facilities, exhaust systems in kitchens and telecommunications facilities.

Finally, it was also requalified the interior of the space occupied by the Cultural and Sports Association of Bairro do Falcão.

Client: Domussocial


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