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Extension of the Basic School 1st Cycle Nº31 - Quinta Dos Frades


Located in the metropolitan center of Lisbon, Escola Básica nº31 needed to expand its infrastructure in order to welcome and contribute to the education of more than 100 children of the first cycle.


This was the reason for this project, which, thanks to an innovative structural system,  made the quick execution of the school building possible.


The BAUPANEL panel system, due to its lightness, allows us to adopt a methodical constructional method based on the fitting of expanded polystyrene panels joined with steel mesh, which, compared to the traditional masonry method, allowed to execute all walls, partitions and more quickly and efficiently. In addition, because it is a uniform system of EPS, it has given the building high energy efficiency, giving greater comfort to the occupants and contributing to its maintenance.      

Client: Município de Lisboa


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